CAMPAIGN TO REFORM Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)


The BCCI is an independent governing body that functions like a private company but enjoys non-profit status like the International Olympic Committee. In 2013 the BCCI, which had become a global cricket powerhouse, was being run by corrupt administrators who ignored serious conflicts of interests. The President was simultaneously holding multiple posts in local, national and international cricket administrations while being the owner of one of the major teams in the Indian Premiere League (IPL is a high-profile international cricketing league run by BCCI). The crony capitalism had reached a point where it was hurting the growth and development of cricket. Being ardent fans of this great sport we could not sit back and watch its demise.



Our primary goal was to create awareness on the morass within the BCCI and build a pressure campaign to drive public outrage and get the Supreme Court to take action to clean up the organisation.



Built a multi-pronged campaign:



We retired the Boycott IPL campaign in June 2016 after the Indian Supreme court stepped in and forcibly removed the conflict riddled President of BCCI, appointed an independent panel to suggest reforms in the organisation, and set an ultimatum for administrators to enact them. In 2015, Pepsi also announced they would be ending their sponsorship of the IPL; two years early.


While it would be arrogant to claim that our campaign led to all this success, we do take pleasure in knowing that we did not stay silent and played some small part in helping reform cricket in India.