Break the cycle. Prevent another generation of girls and boys from going into sex work.



  • Overcome a pervasive societal belief that sex workers and their children are somehow less human than the rest of us.

  • Bust the myth that this is a life choice made to earn a living. Most are forced into it by criminal enterprises, or it is as a result of abject poverty, lack of education, skills and opportunity.


We needed to humanise sex workers before we could broach the subject. To do this we came up with the platform idea and tagline, "We Are India's Children", to put a human face to the people we are helping.

Next we developed creative concepts for social media, email and the fundraising website that the Swasti team turned into final campaign assets. We also provided copy and developed a photo brief against which original photography was shot for the campaign.

"We are India's Children" was brought to life by Nikhil, and has raised
INR 11 lakhs so far, which has supported scholarships for 150 children to date.
We are grateful that he cares about this issue and gave freely of his time and skills to transform a few hundred lives."
​-Shama Karkal, CEO, Swasti