Lately, it feels like every other week we hear about a tragic and random mass shooting in America. Sadly, this seems to have become such a common occurrence that the post-tragedy outpouring of sympathy also feels rote, while outrage seems to have dissipated into resignation. It is as if both sides have resigned themselves to different realities because our lawmakers have neither the political will to take on the NRA, nor the backbone to stand on principle and work to find common-sense solutions.

There is no quick and easy answer to this problem, but we believe the time has come for all of us to act - it would be unconscionable not to do so.



Our campaign is designed to illustrate that sensible people on both sides can find common ground to start a discussion that will ultimately lead to common sense reforms; ones that protects lawful gun owners and innocent young lives.



Before we can get to a practical and workable solution, both sides need to listen to each other and take into consideration the other’s legitimate concerns and constitutional right.