1. Provide consulting services for companies looking to build social impact campaigns and more effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies

  2. Shine a light on issues big, small, national, local and global

  3. Provide links to resources and tools so you can do selfish by learning, getting involved and taking action


We are a philosophy, a movement and a consulting company.


Do Selfish is a simple philosophy based on scientific studies which show that people feel happiest when we they help others.  So we encourage people to volunteer, get involved and help people in need and thereby selfishly increase their own happiness.


This movement is not about politics; it is about issues that affect all of us.  If our starting point for every discussion reminds us of our shared humanity, and not superficial differences, then we can begin a dialogue from a place of mutual respect and discuss even the most contentious issues.  We believe that the world and our democracy is best served when people unify around ideas, rather than cling to ideology or refuse to let go of political beliefs.​


If you are tired of labels, tired of waiting for someone else to solve our problems and tired of “us” and “them” – because if we cannot accept that we are in this together, then we are ALL doomed to fail -  join us and DO SELFISH.

Bring your ideas. Put aside your ideology. Do selfish.